Đề thi thử môn tiếng Anh THPT Quốc gia năm 2016 - Đề số 2_du học trong tầm tay sưu tầm

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Kì thi THPT sắp tới, duhoctrongtamtay sưu tầm một số đề thi giúp các bạn học sinh lớp 12 chuẩn bị kiến thức thật tốt cho kì thi.
PHẦN 1: PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM ( 64 câu, 8 điểm )
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined
part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.
Question 1: A. condition B. policeman C. introduction D. product
Question 2: A. discuss B. pressure C. pessimist D. impossible
Question 3: A. chemist B. chaos C. technology D. chore
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined
part differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the
following questions.
Question 4: A. America B. communicate C. interpreter D. businessman
Question 5: A. petroleum B. mausoleum C. umbrella D. oasis
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to the correct answer to each of the
following questions.
Question 6: According to _______ surveys, the majority of Britons are in favour of the monarchy
A.the most B. most C. most of D. the most of
Question 7: For the first few minutes she was leading the race, then she began to fall _______.
 A.out B. through C. back D. off
Question8: People said that he would ________ a bad end. They were right. He went to prison and died there.
A.come to B. come through C. come into D. come round
Question 9: A: Do you like eating fish ? B: _______ .
A. I enioy fishing  B. I don’t have any. C. Yes, it’s my favourite.  D. Like this
Question 10: Blood_______ are needed urgently, as the national blood bank reserves are getting low. A.volunteers  B. donors  C. gives  D. offers
Question 11: Jim usually looks happy, but today he has a long _______ . He must have had a quarrel with his best friend.
A. face B. chin C. nose D. expression.
Question 12: A: I am going to school tomorrow.
 B: _________
 A.Me too, I love the weekend  B. Yes, so am I C. I don’t like school either.  D. Yes, you can
Question 13: ________ in space, a rocket has to be powerful enough to break out of the pull of the Earth's gravity.
 A. To travel  B. It is travel  C. That travel  D. Travel
Question 14: In the eighteenth century, ________ not many women who had access to formal education in the colonies.
A. there were  B. it was  C. were  D. were there
Question 15: After more than 1,500 years, Athens ________ for the site of the first modern Olympics.
A. were chosen  B. was chosen  C. chose  D. chosen
Question 16: A: Did you watch the programme about animals? B: ___________.
 A. Yes, I went to the zoo too.  B. Yes, it was very interesting.  C. Oh, I love animals.  D. Yes, it's on.
Question 17: Dragonflies feed on a large variety of insects ________ catch in flight.
A. in which they  B. which they  C. there are to  D . there are a
Question 18: ________ laser beam can be moved easily in all directions, it can be used fo r highly accurate cutting in industry.
 A. Because of  B. It is a  C. A  D. As a
Question 19: Tears contain an antiseptic that helps protect our eyes ________ infection.
A. from bacterial  B. in bacterial  C. bacterial  D. with bacterial
Question 20: Billie Holiday, ________ unique singing style made her famous, was also known as Lady Day.
A. she is a B. whom C. who D. whose
Question 21: Jan ________ at the factory long when he was made a manager.
A. didn't work B. wasn't working C. hadn't been working D. hasn't worked
Question 22: Apart from Pluto, the outer planets _________ the inner planets and are made mainly of lighter materials such as hydrogen and helium.
A. are larger than B. are the largest C. larger than D. as large
Question 23: Fungi do not absorb sunlight but use animals and plants, _________ dead and living, as their source of food.
 A. furthermore B. both C. together D. besides
Question 24: I passed the test. I _________ it without your help.
 A. would not pass B. wouldn't have passed C. didn't pass D. had not passed
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
Question 25: The breadfruit does well in hot and humid climates.
 A. arid B. watery C. soaked D. moist
Question 26: Many California mining towns prospered until the gold ran out and prospectors moved on to new areas, leaving boom towns to become ghost towns.
A. declined B. assembled C. employed D. thrived
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) SIMILAR in weaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
Question 27: Hypertension is one of the most widespread and potentially dangerous diseases.
A. stretched B. popular C. common D. scattered
Question 28: The gravitational forces of the sun and the moon are fundamental in causing ocean tides. A. unique B. essential C. odd D. current
Question 29: After the Ice Age many species of animals died out.
A.froze B. receded C. became D. became extinguished
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that need correction in each of the following questions.
Question 30: Musical comedies, as an American form of entertainment, often take its subjects from America’s present or past
 A.as B. entertainment C. its D. or
Question 31: Paul Dunbar wrote poetry in standard English about tradition poetic subjects and about the heroes of black Americans.
 A.standard B. tradition C. the D. heroes
Question 32 : In an ordinary optical microscrope, a electric bulb or sunlight is used as light for the stage A.an B. ordinary C. a D. light
Question 33: The viceroy butterfly, an insect that birds like to eat, has a color pattern similar to that one of the monarch butterfly, whom birds do not like to eat
 A.that B. to C. of D. whom
Question 34: Much psychologists do not associate themselves with a particular school or theory.
A.much B. themselves C. with D. particular
Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B , C or D on your answer sheet to in dicate the correct word phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.
“Ask your pharmacist first” Minor illnesses have a nasty habit of striking (35)______ the wrong time, don’t they ? (36) ______ you have a pile of things to do at work and even more on your plate at home, the last thing you want is a (37) _______ throat or a tension headache to drag you down. (38)
this summer, when you’re feeling (39)_______ the weather, remember that a visit to your (40) ______ pharmacy (41)_______ be a real bonus in helping you get the right remedy to ease your symptoms.
But it’s not (42) ______ the medication that assists the cure – only at a pharmacy will you find expert (43)________ from a highly trained health professional. Just try asking a supermarket shelf what it ( 44) _______ for family heath problems !
Question 35: A. for B. at C. in D. to
Question 36 : A. However B. Although C. Despite D. When
Question 37 : A. cut B. sore C. hurt D. injured
Question 38 : A. So B. Then C. as D. On
Question 39 : A. Over B. under C. beneath D. below
Question 40 : A. Native B. national C. local D. domestic
Question 41 : A. Must B. ought C. can D. did
Question 42 : A. Just B. then C. since D. as
Question 43 : A. Messages B. preparation C. therapy D. advice
Question 44 : A. Recommends B. commands C. orders D. wants
Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to in dicate the correct answer to each of the question from 45 to 54.
Cicadas Emerge (1)Billion of black, shrimp-sized insect with transparent wings and beady red eyes are beginning to cover trees, building, poles, and just about any thing vertical in a wise region of the U.S. (2) The invasion zone stretches from the eastern seaboard west through Indiana and south Tennessee. (3) these insect are cicadas. Their invasion will last for a few short months, but they can make a lot of noise.
Cicadas arrive in 13- and 17- year cycle. (4) The nymph burrow under ground and suck sap from tree roots. When they emerge, they transform into adult, reproduce, and then die. How they count the years until they emerge from the ground no one can say. Their purpose above ground is to reproduce.
Question 45: What is the main topic of the passage?
A. the life cycle of the cicadas B. The reproductive behavior of cicadas
 C. The aria in which cicadas live D. The period in which cicadas live
Question 46: According to the article, why does the insect invasion last only a few months?
A. Because people kill insect B. because insects go back underground.
 C. because the sunlight kills them. D. None of the answer
Question 47: the word “seaboard” in the passage means __________.
A.coast B. ocean C. populated area D. none of the answers
Question 48: Which is the best place to locate the following sentence?
“They are the longest-lived insects in nature”
 A.[1] B. [2] C. [3] D. [4]
Question 49:Which is the likely reason why billions of cicadas do not destroy all of the fo od in the invasion zone ?
 A.Because many other insects, birds, and animals eat the cicadas.
 B. Because they do not eat when they are above ground
C. Because they are in relatively small area
 D. none of the answers
Question 50: Cicada nymphs do all of the following EXCEPT_________
A.dig B. eat C. reproduce D. transform
Question 51: Which of the following makes the cicadas unusual?
A.They are above ground only a few months of their lives  B.Mature cicadas are not seen every year C.They live most of their lives as nymphs  D.all of the answer
Question 52: According to the passage, why do cicadas emerge above ground ?
A. to burrow B. to count the years C. to reproduce D. transform
Question 53: According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true about cicadas ?
A.They cover trees, buildings and poles
 B.They may appear once every 14 years
C. They live on tree roots
D. They have an unknown method for measuring their time below ground
Question 54: Complete the summary by choosing one sentence ( A, B, C or D ) that is among the most important information to fill in the blank.
A.The invasion zone covers most of the eastern United States
B. The insects emerge every 13 to 17 years quickly mature and reproduce
C. Cicadas are small and black transparent wings
D. The invasion will last only a few days
 SUMMARY: This passage discusses the behavior of cicadas A cicada invasion involves a large number of insects over a wide area. ________ Cicadas spend most of their lives underground as nymphs.
Read of the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet
to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 55 to 64.
James Whistler James Whistler was born in 1834 in Massachusetts, the son of a West Point graduate and civil engineer. [1] He moved with his family at the age of nine to St. Peterdburg, Ru ssia, where he studied drawing. At age 14, he joined his sister her husband in London to continue his studies in art. A year later, following the death of his father, he returned to America and lived in Connecticut. He attended but flunked out of West Point because of his inadquacies in chemistry. [2] Affronted at what he considered to be America’s poor treatment of artists, and perhaps because of his academic failure, Whistler moves to Europe permanently in 1855 at the age of 21. He first lived and studied in Paris, where he was influenced by Coubet’s Realism and was associated with the avant garde. Whistler moved to London four years later and became known for his outspokenness, controversy, expensive lifestyle and frequent debt. [3] In 1866 he traveled to Chile, returning to London a year later. By 1879, he was bankrupt, and went to Venice for a year, where be was commissioned to create a series paintings of the city. By the late 1880s he had achieved international fame, and was president of the Society of British Artists from 1886 to 1888. He published his manifesto, the Gentle Art of Making Enemies, in 1890. In 1888 at the age of 54 he married Beatrix Godwin, a widow who died eight years later of cancer, Whistler fo llowed her in death seven years later, at the age of 69[4]. Whistler's paintings are well-regarded, though he never achieved greatness; nevertheless, he considered to have been a major influence in England's modern art movement. He hated the narrative, and he refused to teach morals through art. He rejected scenes of ordinary life, preferring to depict well-designed moments. Critics have noted that the placid nature of his paintings was in sharp contrast to the wildness of his lifestyle. One of his more famous works, generally
referred to as “ Whistler's Mother" but which he controversially titled "Arrangement in
Grey and Black, NO. 1” places him in the pantheon of American artists. It is thus ironic that he spent his adult life in Europe, primarily in England, and that painting of his mother was purchased by government of France and resides in the Museed’ Orsay of Paris.
Question 55: What is the topic of the passage?
 A. The education of Whistler  B. Whistler’s family history
C. The difference between European and American Art  D. the story of James Whistler’s life
Question 56: Which of the following is true of Whistler?
 A. He failed at West Point because he could not write.
 B. He often spent too much money.
 C. He was an officer in the Chilean Army.
 D. He lived most of his life in Paris.
Question 57: Which is the best place following sentence ?
“ It was here that he was influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites, and he also
became a frequent traveler to the Netherlands”
A. [1] B. [2] C. [3] D. [4]
Question 58: According to the passage, Whistler’s painting are ________
A. quiet and conservative
B. outspoken and controversial
C.well-designed and placid
D. wild and original
Question 59: The word “ Affronted” in paragraph 1 is closest meaning to ________
A.Insulted B. delighted C. interested D. surprised
Question 60: The word “placid” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to_______
 A.controversial  B. modern  C. boring  D. calm
Question 61: The word “which” in paragraph 4 prefer to ______
A.lifestyle  B. works   C. one  D. mother
Question 62: Which is the following is NOT true of Whistler’s painting of his mother ?
A. he titled it “Arrangement in Grey and Black, No.1”
B. It was a cause of controversy.
 C. It was bought by the owner of a French museum
D. It is one of his most famous paintings.
Question 63: The passage describes a contrast between________
 A. Whistler and his family
 B. Whistler’s art and another American art
C. Whistler’s lifestyle and his paintings
D. Whistler’s views and critics’s views
Question 64: Complete the summary by choosing one sentence ( A, B, C or D ) that is among the most important information to fill in the blank. A. Influences on Whistler’s art were many, but perhaps the most important ones were the Pre-Raphaelites and the Realism of Coubet B. Whistler’s work, which places him among the best American painters, reflected the lavish nature of his lifestyle. C. Whistler was born in the US. But in his youth traveled in Europe, eventually
moving there, partly because of America’s poor treatment of artists. D. Whistler hated the narrative, and he refused to teach morals through art
SUMMARY: This passage discusses the life and art of James Whistler. Whistler was an internationally famous artist by the 1880s and died at the age of 69. ________ The young Whistler led a controversial life in London, and continued to travel, notably to the Netherlands and Venice. Today Whistler is not considered great, though his work –
“Whistler’s mother” in particular – has been influential on modern art and still well through of.
PHẦN 2: PHẦN VIẾT (2 điểm)
Part 1: Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence
Question 65: There aren’t many tourists in this area
→There are very_______________________________________________ in  this area
Question 66: I very rarely go into the city  centre, so I don’t know where to shop
                →I am______________________________________________shopping in the city centre
Question 67: I’m sorry I didn’t look at the hotel room before I booked it
                →I regret_______________________________________the hotel room before I booked it
Question 68: Communication changed completely when the telephone was introduced
                →Communication changed completely with________________________the telephone
Question 69: “You’ve passed the exam? Oh well done!” my aunt said to me
                →My aunt____________________________________the exam
Part2: Write a paragraph of around 140 words either your favourite sport or your hobby.
Đáp án:
1.D 2.B 3.D 4.D 5.B 6.B 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.B
11.A 12.B 13.A 14.A 15.B 16.B 17.B 18.D 19.A 20.D
21.C 22.A 23.B 24.B 25.A 26.A 27.C 28.B 29.C 30.C
31.B 32.C 33.D 34.A 35.B 36.D 37.B  38.A 39.B 40.C
41.C 42.A 43.D  44.A  45.B 46.D 47.A 48.D 49.B 50.C
51.D 52.C 53.B 54.B 55.D 56.B 57.C 58.C 60.D
61.C  62.C 63.C 64.C


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